Our values


We are hosts with passion!

We have an atmosphere of openness and appreciation in which cordiality is at the heart of our dealings with one another. Because we are more than just a team – we are the Villa family!

Team spirit

Honesty and reliability are particularly important to us in our cooperation.

We support each other in our day-to-day work – whether within our own team or across departments. To promote this team spirit, we organize team events several times a year.


We always keep an open mind and think innovatively.

Curiosity is highly valued here. We encourage our employees to actively ask questions, explore new ideas and constantly look for innovative solutions in order to continuously learn and grow.


We respect each other and are loyal to our guests, teammates and suppliers.

Respect is the basis of our cooperation. Every employee is recognized and valued, regardless of their position or department. This respectful approach promotes an open and supportive working environment in which everyone feels heard and valued.


stands alone – we can simply do it.

Competence is at the heart of our company. Our employees are highly qualified, continuously trained and bring their expertise to every task in order to achieve excellent results.


We regard sustainable action as such first of all as a constantly ongoing and continuous (learning) process, which per se holds potential for the expansion of awareness for each individual. In daily practice, this means that we act with full awareness, but also always question the way we act. We make all decisions concerning our environment with mindfulness. Forward-looking action and sensible budgeting are not only required when dealing with the resources available to us. This idea is also an absolute principle for us in our team structure, in the interaction between colleagues and guests.  

We can only make long-term, sustainable decisions on the basis of a clear awareness. An awareness of mindfulness and gratitude towards the resources and treasures of nature available to us, which we unfortunately all too often take for granted and consider to be always available.